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So, you just inherited a downtown warehouse from your Great Uncle Lester. The property is nice to own, but your thoughts immediately turn to what that building might contain.

Great Uncle Lester was a strange duck with a pension for the unique, so just maybe he stored his secret vintage car collection there. Clandestine art pieces? Stocks and bonds? Jewels? Oh, jewels! You know he was no fool.

You throw open the doors and allow your eyes to adjust as the rays fall ever so gently on…10,000 Sony VHS units. Mind you, these are mint in the box, baby! You quickly realize that perhaps Great Uncle Lester was a fool and you are now the shame-faced owner of obsolete inventory. Whatever are you to do?

Good gracious! The obituary for this technology was in the paper long before your old uncle took his last breath. You remember reading VHS’ 2005 obit in the Washington Post:

“VHS — the beloved videotape format that bravely won the war against Betamax and charmed millions of Americans by allowing them to enjoy mindless Hollywood entertainment without leaving their homes — has died at the age of 29. It passed away peacefully after a long illness caused by chronic technological insignificance and a lack of director’s commentary tracks.”

You would love to just shut the doors and light a match, but you don’t have a match. Your mind is racing. Give them as gifts to everyone you know for every event for the rest of your life? Keep them in their boxes and build a fort? Sink them in the river? Ship them back to China? Uh, did they even want them when they made them?

Wait a minute! Doesn’t Lakeside Food Sales say there is no product too large or too small? Don’t they claim that there is no product that they cannot move? Shoot, they import, export, liquidate, distribute, and salvage.

I know they’d tell me, “Hey, contact us! We can move Great Uncle Lester’s VHS machines with no problem. We’ll find them all good homes where people will use them to watch great VHS tapes like Rambo and Top Gun.” Hey, I have copies of those too.

buy-cheap-wholesale-productsWe’re going to do a test, OK? I want you to pretend I’m a shrink. You can even lay down on a couch in this exercise. I’m going to say (type) a word, and you’re going to tell me what you think.


Dollar Store.

So, what sort of prejudices do you have about dollar stores? Do you think bag-ladies? Do you think sad, down-trodden people who smell like whatever you think dumpster divers smell like? It’s OK, we’ve all been there. But wait until you actually go there, into say Dollar Tree. They aren’t kidding with names here — prices are low and wonderful for customers.

But you don’t want your excess inventory in a poorly lit, sad little store no matter how good the deals are, right? I mean, the economy can’t possibly be awful forever, so even if dollar stores are doing good now, eventually the pride of the people will overrule, right?

But that’s the thing. These dollar stores have heart. They don’t want people to think they’re sad little closeout stores either. So they’ve done some smart things to change how people are thinking about them. They’ve become chain stores, which reminds me of McDonalds. You don’t think of McDonalds as bad food. It’s cheap and it’s yummy, and it’s everywhere. Dollar Trees are going places, too. It’s not really unusual to see them around, so customers don’t shy away like nervous lambs.

But that chain-store effect also means a much cleaner storefront. It means brands a shopper will recognize, too, right before their eyes bug out because they’ve never seen their favorite Arizona tea so cheap. And dollar stores are becoming more like cheap, quick groceries where people can go to a nice store, flair joyously over the prices, and walk out satisfied. These dollar stores are respectable places, not hovels.

See, we can tell you this because we work with them. Lakeside Foods deals with companies like Dollar Tree and other well-known, recognized businesses as a way to help you clear out your surplus.

Do you have a weird number of cans to get rid of? Like 67 to 67,000? That’s what Lakeside Foods is good for: we take your surplus, your wholesale, your excess inventory, and we find it a good home. You clear out your shelves, your product gets a new lease on life, and some customer walks home with a good deal. Sound good? Then how about you contact us.

Thrift stores can be kind of creepy, right? And they smell really weird. It’s pretty common knowledge that you can’t buy furniture from a thrift store because it’ll be full of bedbugs. That’s pretty disgusting; no one wants bedbugs all up in your business. So when people hear about wholesalers and liquidations, they think bedbugs, not bargains.

But let’s get away from that for a moment and think about what people really want. Besides eternal life, people want money. Short of that, they want to spend as little money as possible, catch good deals, and feel like all-around clever shoppers.

That’s why stores like Big Lots are catching on in popularity. Big Lots offers customers prices that can’t be matched, because they sell quality, non-bedbugged items at prices that are impossibly good. Have you ever been in a Big Lots? Let me tell you about it:

There’s one near my house and it offers not one pretense. It’s not a clichéd, gimmicky department store with flashing lights and plastic-smile attendants who are secretly plotting your downfall. A Big Lots looks like what it is: a giant store full of goods that were wholesale or surplus, and are now super cheap. It’s not dingy and desperate like a thrift store, but it has regular everyday people who can like their job because they know they are getting customers good deals. And they are enthusiastic about their deals. There are new deals every week, which is pretty exciting, and customers can join the Buzz Club if they really want to save money.

So how does Big Lots do it? Seriously, check out these prices, they are insane.  We know it’s wholesale, but what is that supposed to mean to you? Well, Big Lots and many other bargain, wholesale, and liquidator stores and groceries are partnered with Lakeside Foods.

Lakeside Foods specializes in buying your company’s surplus, overstock, closeout or anything else inventory. You got stuff you gotta sell? Excellent, that’s what Lakeside Foods are for. They take care of your inventory, any inventory and any size inventory, and turn it around to shops like Big Lots. This is perfect for awkward-sized inventories: if you have way too little or way too much of something, Lakeside Foods are the experts on selling it to neighborhood friendly stores and making sure everyone is happy.

Want to get rid of some overstock, and send it somewhere that will not make your quality goods look like hand-me-downs? Then it sounds like you need to contact us.

Lesson #1: How to Buy Overstock Products

Overstock products means merchandise that stores either buy surplus on or the store is clearing out this product to make way for new merchandise. Clearance items are usually called closeouts. Most of the time, resellers buy this product and then sell it at deep discounts to the public.


1) Buy overstock products at resellers who offer them such as online or online or offline.

2) Check the merchandise to see if it is new. Most overstock products are brand new but may be last years style or end of season clearance.

3) Look at the return policy. Many times on overstock items you buy “as is,” so if there is doubt about the item, make sure you can return it if it does not meet your standards.

4) Add shipping costs to your total bill. People buy overstock products to save money but if you buy online, you usually pay for shipping. Factor that into the total cost of the item and compare that total price to retail.

5) Review the cancellation policy of the online reseller. Most online retailers of overstock products do not offer a long-term cancellation policy since they have a limited time to process orders. Make sure you know the terms before you order.

6) Use your credit card to pay for your overstock products order. If you are not comfortable submitting your credit card information over the Internet, you may visit an overstock reseller offline or buy your products retail.

Lesson #2: How to Buy Overstock From Department Stores

Department stores can be expensive. However, they have designer brands and quality products. If you are interested in department store brands without the expense, there are ways to buy their overstock for less. Does this Spark an idea?

Stores for Overstock

  • Stores like TJMaxx, Marshalls, AJ Wright and Ross have become somewhat like department stores themselves. They specialize in acquiring overstock from stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus. TJMaxx says they have “brand name and designer fashions…for up to 60 percent off department store prices.”

Online Retailers

  • Amazon, Zappos and even get a hold of designer brands from department stores. They may sell directly from the source, but are often discounted due to being overstock. Sometimes, department stores may even have their own website that sells the overstock through online sale offers.

Department Outlet Stores

  • If there are certain brands that interest you, look online for outlet stores. Outlet Bound says that outlet stores can save you 25 to 75 percent on brand name and designer goods; the website can also help you track outlets in your area. Department stores like JCPenney have an outlet store.

Lesson #3: How to Buy Wholesale

If “never pay retail” is your credo, you know that a trip to the outlet mall is just the tip of the iceberg. But how low can the prices go? Further reductions will only be possible through some effort on your part, like buying larger quantities or securing a reseller’s license.


1) Work your network of colleagues, friends and family to find wholesale sources. Plumbers, contractors, landscapers, florists, interior designers and jewelers all have access to wholesale markets and/or prices. These professionals may require that you hire them to take advantage of reduced prices, so balance these expenditures against potential savings.

2) Call wholesale suppliers and ask if they have special hours for the general public. Wholesalers are listed in the Yellow Pages by category, such as “Plumbing Supplies–Wholesale.” They’ll charge sales tax and mark up prices a bit, but you can still find great bargains.

3) Join associations or professional groups that share your interests. Many groups, through their combined buying power, have access to lower prices. Magazines and Websites devoted to your special interest will probably advertise groups to join.

4) Consider applying for a business license and reseller’s license from your state or county if you use a lot of something. Most wholesale suppliers will sell to you once you supply this information. Of course, you have to either be in business already or establish one. This is not as difficult as it might first seem. Existing hobbies, interests or skills can be treated as a business venture. For example, if you enjoy gardening, look into getting a business license as a plant nursery. A few sales to friends will make you legitimate. Research legal requirements carefully and compare costs to expected savings.

5) Shop around to find the best prices. Warehouse clubs often have prices that are close to wholesale.

6) Pay by credit card wherever possible for optimal buyer protection. If you have to pay COD, make sure to thoroughly inspect all merchandise before you accept goods.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some companies buy overstocks or discontinued items and sell them in bulk quantities at wholesale or below-wholesale prices. While these can be great bargains, there’s probably a reason for this — they were unpopular to begin with.
  • Cosmetic seconds, items that are functionally sound but have a slight blemish, can be great deals. Usually the blemish is insignificant, but be sure to check before you buy.
  • Highpoint, N.C., is the wholesale furniture capital of the United States. Research manufacturer names, models, style numbers, color descriptions and material specifications for furniture pieces that you like. Then, during Highpoint’s semiannual after-market sales, purchase clearance items and floor samples.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Web sites that offer to give you instant access to wholesale inventories are highly suspect.
So I was minding my own business driving down the highway and my uncle Vito’s dispatcher calls and tells me that we’ve just bought four semi-trailers at a wholesale liquidators auction — surplus grocery items in 3 of them, the fourth is full of FCOJ – Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice and the auction house has certification the refrigeration has never been turned off. What am I supposed to do with about 50,000 gallons of stiff orange juice!  So I call my cousin Vinny and we go check out the trailers.

Turns out the three trailers with grocery items have surplus snack stuff,  like about 2,000 cases of bagged pretzels in one trailer, along with 40 pallets full of cases of big jars of pickled eggs, all nicely boxed and ready to go. We found what looks like 20 pallets of cases of beef jerky, and behind them was about the same amount of bagged healthy snacks like trail-mix and the like. We found enough Beer Nuts to feed a small army in the very front of the last trailer.  Oh yeah, and two pallets of toothpaste, too! The good news is that we only have one pallet with about 30 small boxes w/24 in each of toothbrushes!  And of course, in the last one was indeed a whole bunch of containers with FCOJ.  Where, oh where, are we gonna get rid of all this stuff?

We start making phone calls. Vinny finds a wholesale liquidator who wants all of it!  Not only does this guy want the FCOJ, he’s got a use for the rest of the surplus stuff as well!  Momma Mia can this be for real? And he’s working with Vinny to come out and pick it all up. I can’t tell you how pleased I am right now, but I can tell you that the folks coming for the FCOJ have promised us cash.  Life is good.

When they arrive for the pickup, Vinny, always the entrepreneurial type, starts asking the drivers probing questions.  Talkative lot they were. They wouldn’t tell us exactly where they were going with all of the surplus stuff. But all four tractors had contact us stenciled on the side and they assured us that they could handle these four trailers and another 40 if we could find them!  They kept saying “They turn excess inventory into cash!  No job too big or too small.”  They are always looking for surplus foods that includes fruit commodities, vegetable commodities, meats, poultry, bulk products and dairy stuff, too, like cheese, eggs. The more they can find, the better.  They’ll take anything that’s already packaged, or if you need it, they can help with packaging too. They do the pickup, packaging and will handle the retail marketing as a distribution wholesalers would.

What a triumphant day this has been and watching that stiff FCOJ head down the road WITHOUT me is awesome. What a country! OMG — Vinny’s on the phone with some farmer trying to buy his field of watermelons!

Anyway, remember to contact us for all frozen concentrated orange juice commodity and fresh fruit and veg needs.

Got a big family?  Maybe you just like to cook for big groups of 50 -100?  What we’re offering is a method to preserve your finished goods by IQF – Individually Quick Frozen method.  Maybe you want to make a couple hundred gallons of Italian Spaghetti sauce for your uncle Vito, maybe a few 55-gallon drums of tomato puree for Aunt Barb, or you found a discontinued product that you can use within, say a year or less, but it won’t keep. We can help.  There is no job too big or too small for us!

We are Lakeside Food Sales. We specialize in import & export sales and trading.  We have the technology to help you with any sized order to quickly freeze whatever your product is and ensure safe preservation for as long as you need it.  We’ve been in this business for over 26 years and we are good at it!

We can take any fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, shrimp, soup, stew, hell anything that will freeze, and can preserve it for you.  Our methods are well-established.  We encourage thinking “outside the box” for expanding this processing method, so much so, that we are international in this business.  The food industry has been doing this for years. All we’re doing is offering to help folks like the home cook, or maybe a small business owner or maybe a restaurateur, to preserve and provide a new market for some of the products!

The international part of our business is for those entrepreneurial types who want to actually sell their product on an international scale.  We can help.  We have many manufacturing companies like Del Monte, Pillsbury, Dole, Tropicana and Nestle’s, for example, that we do business with. We also have many retail outlets that we utilize to help sell some of our products like Menards, Big Lots, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Meijer and Family Dollar, to name a few.

We sell only quality products and in quantities that can save big bucks for all our retail outlets.  In addition to the retail marketplace, we also have many private organizations that are a part of our family, like hospitals, schools, shelters and prisons.

Here’s a quick look at some of our already famous products and some of our business partners.

If you think you have a product that might fit our IQF process, or just have a simple question about any part of our operation, please contact us.

Lakeside Food Sales, as leaders in import and export sales, handles the buying, selling and marketing of bulk food products.

We have been in this business for over 26 years and  have the facilities and resources to help with any wholesale liquidation or surplus food products. This includes dairy products, fresh produce, fruit, dried nuts, beans, corn, tomatoes, cheese, meat, poultry and other bulk materials you might have!

By virtue of a wholesale liquidation, maybe you have  2,000 bags of cooked, salted peanuts in the shell, or  500 cases of canned baked beans? How about a couple hundred bags of Twizzler licorice. Call us. We deal with all quantities of food stuff you might have, regardless of how big or small the pile is!

We can not only help with your surplus or wholesale liquidation commodity, we have the means to help with packaging if needed, and we can help to distribute it as well.  Just call!  So long as it’s marketable, we can help.

We are not a disposal facility. We only want fresh, edible and useable materials.  We don’t care how much of it that you have!  We have several food manufacturing firms we partner with like Tropicana, Nestle, Del Monte, Dole and Pillsbury. We have numerous retail outlets for our products such as  Dollar General, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Meijer and Menards to name a few.

Here’s our whole list of business partners and some of our available products, grocery items and surplus items. Some of our retail outlets are hospitals, schools and homeless shelters, too!

When you’re ready to deal, or if you just have questions, contact us.