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So, you just inherited a downtown warehouse from your Great Uncle Lester. The property is nice to own, but your thoughts immediately turn to what that building might contain.

Great Uncle Lester was a strange duck with a pension for the unique, so just maybe he stored his secret vintage car collection there. Clandestine art pieces? Stocks and bonds? Jewels? Oh, jewels! You know he was no fool.

You throw open the doors and allow your eyes to adjust as the rays fall ever so gently on…10,000 Sony VHS units. Mind you, these are mint in the box, baby! You quickly realize that perhaps Great Uncle Lester was a fool and you are now the shame-faced owner of obsolete inventory. Whatever are you to do?

Good gracious! The obituary for this technology was in the paper long before your old uncle took his last breath. You remember reading VHS’ 2005 obit in the Washington Post:

“VHS — the beloved videotape format that bravely won the war against Betamax and charmed millions of Americans by allowing them to enjoy mindless Hollywood entertainment without leaving their homes — has died at the age of 29. It passed away peacefully after a long illness caused by chronic technological insignificance and a lack of director’s commentary tracks.”

You would love to just shut the doors and light a match, but you don’t have a match. Your mind is racing. Give them as gifts to everyone you know for every event for the rest of your life? Keep them in their boxes and build a fort? Sink them in the river? Ship them back to China? Uh, did they even want them when they made them?

Wait a minute! Doesn’t Lakeside Food Sales say there is no product too large or too small? Don’t they claim that there is no product that they cannot move? Shoot, they import, export, liquidate, distribute, and salvage.

I know they’d tell me, “Hey, contact us! We can move Great Uncle Lester’s VHS machines with no problem. We’ll find them all good homes where people will use them to watch great VHS tapes like Rambo and Top Gun.” Hey, I have copies of those too.

Politicians, scientists, and philanthropists voiced their opinions on the best venture of the 20th century, they surprisingly agreed on one recipient. What was it? The dollar store of course!

Once a novelty of the ’50s when the geniuses at Dollar General got the ball rolling, dollar stores now dot our landscape. Wherever our nation’s proudest monuments stand and most celebrated landscapes repose, you can be guaranteed to find everything you need for a buck.

Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Meijer, and Menards are the heavyweights if you are looking for a resourceful place to unload all of your pennies. And don’t worry if you have coffee cans of pennies saved up because these stores are really jam-packed with goods.

Here is some of what you can buy (big breath): gum, candy, nuts, marshmallows, chocolate bars, chocolate syrup, chocolate cereal, nacho cheese, pork rinds, moist towelettes, towels, socks, underwear (male, female, child, and sometimes for the dog), bathrobes, soap, shampoo, shower curtains, shower caddies, shower radios, bathroom scales (another big breath), toilet bowl brushes, toilet bowl cleaners, CD’s, DVD’s, TV’s, couches, hammocks, boys’ toys, girls’ toys, baby toys, luggage, fake plants, real plant food, lawn mowers, grills, Valentine’s Day stuff, St. Patrick’s Day stuff, Easter stuff, Fourth of July stuff, Halloween stuff, Thanksgiving stuff (one last breath), Christmas stuff, and magnets. Note: this list is meant to be representative, not comprehensive.

In other words, Lakeside Food Sales scours the globe for anything and everything that people have too much of, don’t need anymore, or oddly enough think is out of style. If it’s canned, pickled, freeze dried, shrink wrapped, boxed up, and generally packaged like it’s Midas’s gold, you’ll find it for a buck. Guaranteed. Lakeside Food Sales (don’t let the name fool you — they cart it all) are masters of importing here and exporting there until it all lands under one roof.

If you have goods you want gone, please contact us so we may sell them for a buck.

Children, did you hear? There is a surplus of delicious Del Monte spinach! That’s right! You don’t have to cut back on your favorite spinach recipes: spinach dip, spinach burgers, creamed spinach, and the blue ribbon winner –spinach brownies. I know that your parents control the purse strings, kids, so here’s a brief list of spinach’s health benefits:

1. 1 cup of spinach= 20% of the RDA of dietary fiber. Old people like your parents really need this to help them digest, avoid constipation, maintain low blood sugar, and curb overeating.

2. Spinach is so cool that it scares away all kinds of cancer.

3. There are two types of natural anti-inflammatory “epoxyxanthophylls” (things) in spinach.

4. Vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, manganese, zinc and selenium are found in spinach. They help prevent osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

5. Spinach lowers blood pressure. That is until you have to argue with your parents to make them eat it.

6. You won’t gain night vision, but you can help yourself avoid macular degeneration and cataracts.

7. You thought the dietary fiber from #1 was great, but spinach contains 337% of the RDA of vitamin A.

8. The extra vitamin A fights psoriasis, keratinization, acne and even wrinkles. Don’t eat spinach and you’ll look like a shar pei.

9. Here’s a big number — one cup of boiled spinach provides over 1,000% of the RDA of vitamin K which strengthens bones.

10. Vitamin K doesn’t let bad calcification form, so you will be more likely to avoid strokes and cardiovascular disease.

11. Vitamin K also protects your nerves by adding a good fat around their sheaths.

Kids, it falls to you to teach your parents about spinach’s rock stardom. They are too lame to see the truth. And if their health doesn’t get them headed towards the car, put a zing in their step by explaining to them that this produce will be available at the wholesale price. That’s right — the highest quality spinach you love at a liquidated cost, all thanks to Lakeside Food Sales.

Thrift stores can be kind of creepy, right? And they smell really weird. It’s pretty common knowledge that you can’t buy furniture from a thrift store because it’ll be full of bedbugs. That’s pretty disgusting; no one wants bedbugs all up in your business. So when people hear about wholesalers and liquidations, they think bedbugs, not bargains.

But let’s get away from that for a moment and think about what people really want. Besides eternal life, people want money. Short of that, they want to spend as little money as possible, catch good deals, and feel like all-around clever shoppers.

That’s why stores like Big Lots are catching on in popularity. Big Lots offers customers prices that can’t be matched, because they sell quality, non-bedbugged items at prices that are impossibly good. Have you ever been in a Big Lots? Let me tell you about it:

There’s one near my house and it offers not one pretense. It’s not a clichéd, gimmicky department store with flashing lights and plastic-smile attendants who are secretly plotting your downfall. A Big Lots looks like what it is: a giant store full of goods that were wholesale or surplus, and are now super cheap. It’s not dingy and desperate like a thrift store, but it has regular everyday people who can like their job because they know they are getting customers good deals. And they are enthusiastic about their deals. There are new deals every week, which is pretty exciting, and customers can join the Buzz Club if they really want to save money.

So how does Big Lots do it? Seriously, check out these prices, they are insane.  We know it’s wholesale, but what is that supposed to mean to you? Well, Big Lots and many other bargain, wholesale, and liquidator stores and groceries are partnered with Lakeside Foods.

Lakeside Foods specializes in buying your company’s surplus, overstock, closeout or anything else inventory. You got stuff you gotta sell? Excellent, that’s what Lakeside Foods are for. They take care of your inventory, any inventory and any size inventory, and turn it around to shops like Big Lots. This is perfect for awkward-sized inventories: if you have way too little or way too much of something, Lakeside Foods are the experts on selling it to neighborhood friendly stores and making sure everyone is happy.

Want to get rid of some overstock, and send it somewhere that will not make your quality goods look like hand-me-downs? Then it sounds like you need to contact us.

Every day you receive merchandise at your business.  Most of it comes on pallets.  The pallets come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from paper to wood, plastic to aluminum.  Some are disposable, some are recyclable and others are quite expensive.

It’s sometimes hard to know what to do with them.  Here are some guidelines to help you determine what to do with all those pallets.

Types of Pallets

Softwood pallets – These pallets vary in size.  They’re simple stringer pallets and can only be lifted from two sides.  These pallets are inexpensive and can be disposed of after use.

Four-Way Pallets – These pallets also vary in size but are made of hardwood.  Standard grocery pallets measure 40 x 48.  These pallets can be lifted from all four sides and can accommodate heavier loads than the softwood pallets.  These pallets generally require a deposit and are either returned to the sender, exchanged on a one-to-one basis or resold as used pallets.

Paper Pallets – Paper pallets are lightweight and easy to handle.  They are often used for light loads.  These pallets are 100% recyclable.

Plastic pallets – Plastic pallets are often made of HDPE or recycled PET (water bottles).  Although more expensive than wooden pallets, they’re long-lasting, durable and recyclable, so they can be sent to a recycling center for credit.

Metal pallets – Metal pallets are strong and durable.  Often used in warehouses or factories to store heavy products.  They can be made of steel or aluminum.  These pallets are recyclable but they are estimated to last at least 15 years.

The types of pallets you receive and what you do with them will often depend on your suppliers.  But there are always the stray pallets that tend to accumulate around your business and take up valuable space.

These descriptions should help you decide what to do with them. To speak to a surplus grocery/excess inventory veteran, call 800-808-6745 and contact us for all your grocery needs today.

No, I mean it. I can’t go home until I get rid of 200 pair of various sizes of roller skates!  I have found the doghouse!  OK, now I suppose you want to know if I have the skate key for every one of them, too, huh?  NO.  What am I gonna do? I need national liquidators!

So, I call my Uncle Lare. He tells me about this place called Lakeside Food Sales and they will be interested in helping me with my wholesale liquidation problem, but not much help with my doghouse situation!  Seems these folks specialize in handling BIG problems like mine.  Nothing too big or too small, they say!

I went online and found several links to their site — damnation they DO take surplus stuff.  It’s like a wholesale grocery store on the computer.  Turns out they import & export and they’re international, too.  Besides the liquidations, they also take surplus food and grocery items, anything edible and marketable!  Seems if YOU have a pile of something, they have a spot somewhere that just holds your stuff! (But they’re not interested in manure, I tried. So don’t ask. They’re serious folks!)

Turns out they were not only interested in my skates, they didn’t even ask about the damned keys and I was just about done sorting them out, too!  And lastly, Uncle Lare was right, they didn’t wanna hear anything about my doghouse situation.

Call Lakeside Food Sales today if you have some surplus or wholesale liquidation materials. They are the go-to guys. Contact us.

We are Lakeside Food Sales.  We are an import & export sales empire specializing in buying and selling bulk food products.

We have been in this business for over 26 years and have the facilities and resources to help with any surplus food products, produce, fruit, nuts, cheese, meat and poultry, you name it.  If you have a lot of something, call us. We are the answer man in dealing with any size and quantity of food stuff you might have. There is nothing too big or too smal. We have you covered!

Besides helping you with your surplus commodity, whatever that happens to be, we have the means to package and distribute it.  That means if you have 20 bushels of fresh diced tomatoes and need help in getting them to market, or  have two 55-gallon drums of pickled pigs feet and would like to get rid of them, we are your go-to guys!

Remember, we are only a phone call away.  It doesn’t matter to us if the surplus item(s) you have are raw navy beans, a few drums of peanut butter or even 20 gallons of honey. If it’s marketable, we can help.

We are not a disposal facility, we only want fresh and edible materials. It’s the size of the surplus materials that usually frightens people into doing nothing and finally asking, “Who’d want a pile of 2,000 ears of sweet corn?” or “Who’d want 50 bushels green peppers?” Well, the answer to both questions is the same, “We do!”

We have numerous major food manufacturing firms we deal with like Nestle, Del Monte, Dole, Pillsbury and Tropicana. In addition, we have numerous retail outlets for our products such as Big Lots, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Meijer and Menards, to name a few.  You can see our whole list of business partners and some of our available products. Keep in mind some of retail outlets are hospitals, schools and homeless shelters. We have the means if you have the beans!

If you have questions, are just curious or want to get some help, contact us today.