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Rather than unnecessarily destroying your company’s products when it is not quite up to your standards, there is another way, a “green” way to recoup some of your dollars, help the economy, and reduce that already large landfill heap.

Seconds are just a part of doing business these days, with the high-speed technology that is available to most manufacturing facilities. Maybe the salt content is low in the can of beans, maybe you overran an order of shirts for a specific client, or perhaps you have changed to a new packaging on your sugar and you have inventory left in the old packaging. There is a place for those items. And that place is more in demand than ever before.

With unemployment at record highs, with more people underemployed than ever before, consumers are squeezing tightly the perverbial penny. More than ever, shopping has moved from the department, grocery and specialty stores to the discount stores.

Consumers today are more intent on feeding and clothing their family economically than eating out in expensive restaurants or dressing in designer clothing. And they are more educated and resourceful as well.

Today’s consumer will buy that can of beans and add it to a soup and feed his/her family. The overrun shirt is perfect for work and they could care less about old/new packaging.

You will always have your loyal customers who want your brand, your quality. They will enjoy your new packaging and treasure the shirt they bought at the department store. Selling seconds, will not compete with your traditional retail market. But rather, enhance it, by offering your products to a new consumer segment.

This is Lakeside Food Sales’ area of expertise, our passion. We can help you with your seconds, and help consumers with products of a high value. Contact us for more information.