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Frozen Fruit Purees

Frozen Fruit Purees and Fruit Products

Frozen Fruit Purees and Fruit Products For Sale
Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. procures only the best in the business from trusted names such as Del Monte, Dole, and Tropicana to ensure and assure you have base ingredients that meet the most strict quality guidelines demanded by those determined to give their customer only the best.

We specialize in most every fruit based resource from flavorings to oils to beverage mixes to whole, diced, sliced, and peeled domestic and imported fruits from all over the world.

We offer aseptic and frozen fruit purees, which are sourced from all over the world as well as extensive IQF (Individual Frozen Fruits). Some of the applications are used extensively for baby food, dairy and ice cream, bakery confectionery, jam and preparations, and confectionery companies.

Our partner facilities are recognized for food safety and full traceability of products. For specific flavors, varieties, and pricing please call one of our experts.

Lakeside Food Sales, Inc. enjoys supplying customers nationwide and can offer warehouse and distribution programs that strategically work with your objectives geared throughout the U.S. Quality is at the root of our commitment and success we strive to provide the highest-quality products.

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