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How often have you found a really good deal on canned goods but because of can dents you passed on the bargain because you believe foods from dented cans are unsafe?  While we have been led to believe this for years the truth is that the majority of foods in dented cans are safe to eat.

Buying dented canned goods can save you money and provide your family with safe, nutritional food.  But how do you know if a dented can is safe?  Use the following tips as a guide to help ensure their safety.

Dented Cans You Shouldn’t Buy:

  • Don’t buy cans that are dented on the top or bottom.  This is where the main seams are located and the can is the weakest.
  • Don’t buy cans with deep, sharp dents.  These can compromise the can and shouldn’t be purchased.
  • Don’t buy a can if it’s bulging.  These are definitely unsafe and contain harmful bacteria.
  • Don’t buy cans that have rust on them.  These can have tiny holes in them that will allow bacteria to get in the food.

How to Choose Dented Cans That Are Safe To Buy:

  • Push on the top, bottom and sides of the can.  If the can moves or pops the seal has been broken and it’s not safe to buy.  If the can is stable and doesn’t move or make any noise the food is safe to use.
  • Make sure the dents are smooth and not too deep.  Cans with dents on the side are most likely safe to eat.

The final check on the integrity of the food in the can will be when you open the can.  If the can sprays or explodes, don’t use it as the food could be contaminated.

It is definitely safe to purchase cans with dents if you follow these guidelines and use them in a reasonable time period; however, that’s what we’re here for so make sure to contact us.