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So I was minding my own business driving down the highway and my uncle Vito’s dispatcher calls and tells me that we’ve just bought four semi-trailers at a wholesale liquidators auction — surplus grocery items in 3 of them, the fourth is full of FCOJ – Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice and the auction house has certification the refrigeration has never been turned off. What am I supposed to do with about 50,000 gallons of stiff orange juice!  So I call my cousin Vinny and we go check out the trailers.

Turns out the three trailers with grocery items have surplus snack stuff,  like about 2,000 cases of bagged pretzels in one trailer, along with 40 pallets full of cases of big jars of pickled eggs, all nicely boxed and ready to go. We found what looks like 20 pallets of cases of beef jerky, and behind them was about the same amount of bagged healthy snacks like trail-mix and the like. We found enough Beer Nuts to feed a small army in the very front of the last trailer.  Oh yeah, and two pallets of toothpaste, too! The good news is that we only have one pallet with about 30 small boxes w/24 in each of toothbrushes!  And of course, in the last one was indeed a whole bunch of containers with FCOJ.  Where, oh where, are we gonna get rid of all this stuff?

We start making phone calls. Vinny finds a wholesale liquidator who wants all of it!  Not only does this guy want the FCOJ, he’s got a use for the rest of the surplus stuff as well!  Momma Mia can this be for real? And he’s working with Vinny to come out and pick it all up. I can’t tell you how pleased I am right now, but I can tell you that the folks coming for the FCOJ have promised us cash.  Life is good.

When they arrive for the pickup, Vinny, always the entrepreneurial type, starts asking the drivers probing questions.  Talkative lot they were. They wouldn’t tell us exactly where they were going with all of the surplus stuff. But all four tractors had contact us stenciled on the side and they assured us that they could handle these four trailers and another 40 if we could find them!  They kept saying “They turn excess inventory into cash!  No job too big or too small.”  They are always looking for surplus foods that includes fruit commodities, vegetable commodities, meats, poultry, bulk products and dairy stuff, too, like cheese, eggs. The more they can find, the better.  They’ll take anything that’s already packaged, or if you need it, they can help with packaging too. They do the pickup, packaging and will handle the retail marketing as a distribution wholesalers would.

What a triumphant day this has been and watching that stiff FCOJ head down the road WITHOUT me is awesome. What a country! OMG — Vinny’s on the phone with some farmer trying to buy his field of watermelons!

Anyway, remember to contact us for all frozen concentrated orange juice commodity and fresh fruit and veg needs.