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It has been pretty much common knowledge that you can preserve food, fruits and vegetables by freezing them. Freezing them quickly is best. Some modern side-by-side refrigerator freezers have a special section where the product can be placed and and frozen quickly.  However, we’re not talking about a quantity for your home or office. We deal in bulk frozen foods, Individually Quick Frozen or IQF.

We are Lakeside Food Sales and for over 26 years we specialize in import & export sales as well as import & export trading. We also deal with major Food Manufacturer’s, like Del Monte, Dole, Pillsbury, Tropicana and Nestle’s. We help many smaller companies by taking perishable products and quick-freeze them to preserve them.  We have many wholesale and retail markets for the products and we are always looking for new products or sources that we can preserve, quick- freeze and resell them.

When harvest time rolls around, for whatever crop you can imagine, if the folks who do the canning, pickling, processing, what have you, are too busy or swamped with an abundance of the crop, we are a higly viable alternate method to preserving the harvested crop. There’s no consumable product that we can’t quick-freeze and preserve its freshness!

When a crop, say a fruit, like strawberries are ripe and ready to harvest, if the folks who make the pie-fillings and jams and marmalades are overloaded, we literally “can help.”  Keep in mind, the intent isn’t to put the frozen strawberries into a freezer for some unknown time (although that IS a viable option, too). It’s to preserve them long enough to have fresh berries in say, 2-3 months when the manufacturers of the pie-fillings, jams and marmalades can get to them.  It also allows us to sell the fresh frozen product to our retail outlets so they can pass along HUGE savings to the general consumers.

This process doesn’t just apply to fruits and vegetables, it can also be used with almost any edible product, beef, pork, chicken and just about anything else including soups, stews, and cooked meats.

We look forward to helping you with finding any of our products as well as listening to any of your new ideas for us to use. Please contact us.