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Every day you receive merchandise at your business.  Most of it comes on pallets.  The pallets come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from paper to wood, plastic to aluminum.  Some are disposable, some are recyclable and others are quite expensive.

It’s sometimes hard to know what to do with them.  Here are some guidelines to help you determine what to do with all those pallets.

Types of Pallets

Softwood pallets – These pallets vary in size.  They’re simple stringer pallets and can only be lifted from two sides.  These pallets are inexpensive and can be disposed of after use.

Four-Way Pallets – These pallets also vary in size but are made of hardwood.  Standard grocery pallets measure 40 x 48.  These pallets can be lifted from all four sides and can accommodate heavier loads than the softwood pallets.  These pallets generally require a deposit and are either returned to the sender, exchanged on a one-to-one basis or resold as used pallets.

Paper Pallets – Paper pallets are lightweight and easy to handle.  They are often used for light loads.  These pallets are 100% recyclable.

Plastic pallets – Plastic pallets are often made of HDPE or recycled PET (water bottles).  Although more expensive than wooden pallets, they’re long-lasting, durable and recyclable, so they can be sent to a recycling center for credit.

Metal pallets – Metal pallets are strong and durable.  Often used in warehouses or factories to store heavy products.  They can be made of steel or aluminum.  These pallets are recyclable but they are estimated to last at least 15 years.

The types of pallets you receive and what you do with them will often depend on your suppliers.  But there are always the stray pallets that tend to accumulate around your business and take up valuable space.

These descriptions should help you decide what to do with them. To speak to a surplus grocery/excess inventory veteran, call 800-808-6745 and contact us for all your grocery needs today.