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Have you ever gone to Cost Plus World Market and enjoyed walking in the aisles of food from other countries.  Maybe you have bought Baci Chocolates by Paugina for your loved one on a special occasion or just because you love them.  How about grinding some fresh Parmagiano cheese over your favorite dish of pasta?  We can’t forget the wines!  There is nothing like having a good bottle of French or Italian wine with your meal.  You know who we have to thank for all of these delicious foods and wines we get to enjoy here in America?

The import & export companies are the ones who brings us fruit and wines from Chile, Brie Cheese from France, Mozzarella di Bufala and prosciutto from Italy.  Import and export companies are so important in the way we live.  The import is important because it allows us to get things that our country doesn’t produce such as special spices, grains and fruits.  Imports allows us to experience the tastes and flavors of other countries.

Since the United States is such a melting pot of cultures it also helps those who are from other countries to continue to enjoy their favorite foods here in the U.S. We also import other products such as clothes, shoes, cars, electronics, housewares and much more.  If you look around you, so much of what you own has been imported from somewhere.

What about the export side?  How important is that part to our economy? According to Trading Economics, as of April 2012 the U.S. export was worth $182.9 billion.  Exports are goods that are sent to another country for sale.

According to Emilia Istrate from the Atlantic, right now American exports only account for about 13 percent of the American economy. The Canadian derives 30 percent of its GDP and Germany pulled itself out of a recession by having half of its economy from exports.  America needs to continue to explore new avenues for exporting so we never become complacent with being the third- largest exporter.

If we are actively looking for countries that are growing and are opening a market for our goods and services, we are investing in the future of our country’s economic health by exporting to these countries.  We produce a lot of things that other countries would like we just have to keep networking and finding those new opportunities.

Import and export benefits both other countries and America. We help build each other’s economy while enjoying what the other countries produce.  If imports were to stop, people would miss so many things from products for the home, apparel, cars, foods and wines that we enjoy every day and at times take for granted.

If export were to stop, our economy would be suffering so much more than it is now. Yes, we need to buy Made in the USA but also support other countries as well so we can keep those lines of trade open.

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