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Lakeside Food Sales, as leaders in import and export sales, handles the buying, selling and marketing of bulk food products.

We have been in this business for over 26 years and  have the facilities and resources to help with any wholesale liquidation or surplus food products. This includes dairy products, fresh produce, fruit, dried nuts, beans, corn, tomatoes, cheese, meat, poultry and other bulk materials you might have!

By virtue of a wholesale liquidation, maybe you have  2,000 bags of cooked, salted peanuts in the shell, or  500 cases of canned baked beans? How about a couple hundred bags of Twizzler licorice. Call us. We deal with all quantities of food stuff you might have, regardless of how big or small the pile is!

We can not only help with your surplus or wholesale liquidation commodity, we have the means to help with packaging if needed, and we can help to distribute it as well.  Just call!  So long as it’s marketable, we can help.

We are not a disposal facility. We only want fresh, edible and useable materials.  We don’t care how much of it that you have!  We have several food manufacturing firms we partner with like Tropicana, Nestle, Del Monte, Dole and Pillsbury. We have numerous retail outlets for our products such as  Dollar General, Big Lots, Dollar Tree, Meijer and Menards to name a few.

Here’s our whole list of business partners and some of our available products, grocery items and surplus items. Some of our retail outlets are hospitals, schools and homeless shelters, too!

When you’re ready to deal, or if you just have questions, contact us.